Richard Curtis' charity film is withdrawn

‘Beware, Richard Curtis is an environmental terrorist and child murderer!’ Well, that might not have quite been the headlines since the screenwriter and director released a new controversial four-minute film, but it isn’t far off…

Really? Lovely cuddly Richard Curtis, famed for making fundamentally inoffensive films, like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love, Actually? One of the founders of both Comic Relief and Make Poverty History? Yes, the very same.

Controversial Curtis (as he will now be known) has had his charity-backed short film, No Pressure, pulled from the environmental 10:10 campaign after organisers received numerous complaints from appalled viewers.

10:10 is an environmental organisation which seeks to promote the idea of cutting carbon emissions by 10% over the next year. They were reportedly delighted when Curtis agreed to write a short film for the campaign, and with the likes of Gillian Anderson, David Ginola and Peter Crouch on board, as well as a soundtrack by Radiohead, the whole thing should have been a huge success.

Unfortunately, it seems Curtis decided to try his hand at a bit of satire, and it’s all gone horribly wrong. In a shift away from his usual safe rom-com territory, he’s got the idea that black humour is the way forward. The result is a film featuring children, businessmen and footballers who all get blown up due to their refusal to take part in the eco-campaign.

While some viewers could see the funny side of No Pressure, for many the idea of people being turned to strawberry jam for disagreeing with the beliefs of others is perhaps a little insensitive. 10:10 has since apologised, saying that they “missed the mark” regarding the film, and removed No Pressure from their website within 24 hours of it first appearing.

Well, it may not have been the publicity they were after, but it has got people talking. Check out the video below (but be warned, the critics are right in the respect that it is pretty gruesome!), and let us know what you think.

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