Ricky Gervais confirmed for 2012 Golden Globes

For all those wondering whether Ricky would be hosting the Golden Globes this year or creating a custom “commentary podcast”, wonder no longer – he’s got the job.

You hear that? That is the sound of a thousand celebrities quaking in their boots. Why? Because Ricky Gervais pulls no punches whatsoever, and his jokes are absolutely brutal. Let’s review his previous opening monologue:

You see? Brutal. But incredibly funny, simply because he’s not ridiculing what they’ve been through (addiction is addiction, and he’s not a nasty person), but targeting the whole idea that they see themselves as immune to any form of criticism, because they’re A-list stars, despite doing many things that would see anyone but an A-lister in jail before the night was out.

This year, who knows? It’s not like he’s got a shortage of material, and although I’m sure Billy Crystal will do a lovely job at the Oscars, I think we know which one we’re more likely to remember. So until then, get comfortable, and watch the master of piss-taking, well, take the piss.

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