Will Ricky Gervais host the 2011 Golden Globes?

Last year’s Golden Globes were hysterical. Why? Because Ricky Gervais, British comedy icon, pulled no punches as the host and ridiculed numerous Hollywood icons. But will he get to do it again?

I’d love to see him do it again, as I think Gervais is one of the most honest, frank people in show business, and unlike quite a few of them has really earned his place with work like The Office, Extras, An Idiot Abroad, The Ricky Gervais Show and his stand-up tours. With a dark sense of humour and an endearing self-deprecating wit, he is an ideal host simply because it’s a shock to those expecting the simpering autocue platitudes uttered by the more conventionally minded.

However, to say he didn’t offend anyone would be ludicrous. Although most took it very well, with Johnny Depp in particular appearing in a sketch about fake animosity on Gervais’ new project, Life’s Too Short, things are tense in the Golden Globe camp. If the organisers nearly had a heart attack, they should’ve done a little research first.

This year, there’s a similar spate of lacklustre films that will no doubt drag hordes of Hollywood stars to the venue in the hope they’ll be honoured for their work. I can only hope Ricky is waiting for them, as it’s nice to see if people can take the punches if they’re willing to associate themselves with films that aren’t up to much, to say the least. If Gervais isn’t chosen, however, he’s thinking of doing a podcast with a few celebrity friends, recorded live as the event takes place, which should be nothing short of hilarious. Either way, the viewer wins, right?

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