Ricky Gervais more reserved at the 2012 Golden Globes

No one was sure what was going to happen. But when he finally took to the stage, Ricky Gervais did something most people didn’t expect him to do – he took the high road. Mostly.

Johnny Depp is reunited with Ricky Gervais. Amusing, and classy - the pair of them.Aside from jabs at Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and Helen Mirren (and a jokey one directed at Johnny Depp), Gervais was a lot tamer overall. This year he spoke about films and television he’d genuinely enjoyed (Boardwalk Empire and Bridesmaids) and read out the list of rules the Hollywood Foreign Press gave him, shortly before taking a humorous shot at them as well.

The whole thing is on YouTube, and we’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. You’re in for a few shock jokes, but overall he’s made fewer personal jibes in terms of the audience attending the event.

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