Robert Downey Jr’s possible Emergency!

Robert Downey Jr’s next film role could be in an adaptation of the Neil Strauss book, Emergency! This Book Will Save Your Life.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has obtained the rights to the book, and Downey Jr is already on board to produce the adaptation, along with his wife, Susan Downey. Now he is reportedly considering taking on the lead role, playing Strauss himself.

Strauss is best known for another of his non-fiction works, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, which gained notoriety for exposing the techniques used by the ‘seduction community’.

Emergency!, however, is a rather different kettle of fish. This survival manual tells of how Strauss, spurred on by a belief that the world was about to end, decided to move his family to a remote location and learn numerous survivalist techniques, including the ability to “extract drinkable fluids from the ocean, deliver a baby, fly a plane, pick locks, hot-wire cars, build homes, set traps, evade bounty hunters” – all of which are highly likely to make for great movie material.

The script is being written by Allan Loeb, who previously penned Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and from the sounds of things it could well be a perfect role Downey Jr, who is currently starring in the Sherlock Holmes films. We’ll keep you posted!

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