First look: Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

Blimey R-Patz scrubs up well doesn’t he? Just days after we heard he’s started work on his latest film, Cosmopolis, the first image has been released.

Phwoar, what a jawline!

The image shows the Twilight star with co-star Sarah Gadon in what appears to be the back of a taxi. Pattinson is looking extremely dapper in a suit, with his unruly mane slicked back for a change, channelling the Don Draper look. We like.

Directed by the legendary David Cronenberg, Cosmopolis is an adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel which tells the story of a young multi-billionaire (Pattinson) who makes an odyssey across mid-town Manhattan to get a hair cut. The novel has a number of comparisons to James Joyce’s classic Ulysses, with which it shares being set over one day, as well as featuring the theme of father-son separation and a number of highly sexed women. Over the course of the day he manages to lose to his wealth, although we won’t tell you how as that will just spoil it.

Initially it was suggested that Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard would star in the film, but Farrell had to step down in order to star in the remake of Total Recall. It has worked out well though, because super heartthrob R-Patz has taken the role and as you can see he’s living up to his good looks. Oh, and we’re sure he’ll be great acting in it as well. His co-star Gadon is pretty unknown but she sure is pretty don’t you think? It’s rumoured that R-patz and K-stew are on the rocks, so we’ll say watch this space for a future romance or at least rumours of a romance.

And I’m sure you’re all thinking why has an image been released so quickly, yes? Well the director’s daughter, Caitlin Cronenberg, is a photographer and took it upon herself to share the picture with us. Good work Caitlin, keep them coming!

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