Robert Pattinson to play Jeff Buckley?

Robert Pattinson is apparently desperate to play Jeff Buckley in a biopic which is currently in the works.

According to sources at the Daily Express, Pattinson is “obsessed with the project and doing everything he can to land the part.” They go on to say that his team are also really keen on him doing the role, as they think it could lead to an Oscar.

Even if these sources are slightly dubious, the biopic’s producer Michelle Sy, who also worked on Finding Neverland, has confirmed it saying : “I’ve met actors who are keen on the part, and Robert was one.”

Orian Williams, who produced another biopic, Control, will be working on it and the screenplay could be written by Ryan Jaffe (The Rocker). Buckley’s own mother, Mary Guibert, confirmed to be working as an executive producer on the project, had this to say: “Robert is a fine young actor. I’m flattered he’s been linked to this project. When the time comes we’ll give everybody an opportunity to be seen and heard.”

You don’t get much more of a thumbs up than that do you?

Jeff Buckley, was the son of Tim Buckley and was without a doubt a rising star. He tragically drowned in 1997, after the release of the critically acclaimed Grace. He had another album My Sweetheart the Drunk on the way at the time of his death. He is probably best known for his version of Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah, which was released posthumously.

We can kind of see Pattinson in this role and as it requires an actor who can sing and play guitar he is actually rather suitable. Pattinson’s own music has already featured on Twilight and How To Be.

Jeff Buckley’s girlfriend at the time of his death, Joan Wasser, who is known as Joan as Police Woman began singing after his death and is currently on tour. You can catch her play in England from next month. We wonder what she has to say about the project?

No other information about the project is known at this point but we’ll keep you updated as and when it happens. Just a thought but doesn’t James Franco look just like Buckley and he can sing, play guitar and act? Just an idea.

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