Russell Brand brings Rentaghost to big screen

Funny man and current Hollywood favourite, Russell Brand is lined up to star in a big screen remake of Rentaghost.

Many of you may remember Rentaghost, a BBC children’s TV show which was on air for nine series between 1976-1984. Brand will play main character Fred Mumford, a recently deceased slacker who sets up a company renting out the services of the dead.

Warner Bros have bought the rights to the series and have billed it as a Beetlejuice-style afterlife comedy. So far they haven’t got any writers on board, nor have they secured a director but they have got man of the moment Brand, so that’s alright.

It’s been a good week for ol’ Brand. First he had the LA première of The Tempest, in which he stars with the Oscar winning Dame Helen Mirren. And secondly his pop star wife, Katy Perry has confirmed she is in the process of taking on his name and then thirdly he has been  linked to yet another film. Phew, hasn’t the tide turned for the former drug addict, small-time comedian?

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