Sandra Bullock Has Only Gone and Blind-sided Us!

This is quite a surprise, let me tell you! Sandra Bullock has adopted a baby!

And she’s getting a divorce, thank god. So poor Sandra really has had a roller coaster ride in the past two months. First she wins an Oscar for her role in ‘The Blind Side’, then within days it is announced that her husband has had a string of affairs and likes dressing up as a Nazi, and the whole time she has secretly been in the process of adopting a baby. Blimey, its quite a lot for woman to take in don’t you think? In fact, it would make rather a good movie, wouldn’t it?

The news was announced in People magazine, with her gracing the cover with new baby Louis Bardo Bullock. Louis is from New Orleans and apparently Sandra picked that name for him because the first time she saw him she heard Louis Armstrong’s song ” What A Wonderful World” in her head.

The decision to adopt had apparently been made over four years ago and the couple were paired with Louis in January of this year. It really is amazing that she was able to keep the child a secret, during the award’s season  and through the whole scandal with her husband.

Sandra and Jesse before the split

Hopefully she’ll be able to move on from the horrible situation with Jesse and create a great new life for new baby Louis and herself. Good luck to you and good riddance to Jesse!

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