Sharleen Spiteri to make acting debut in Between Weathers

Texas singer, Sharleen Spiteri, will make her acting debut in Between Weathers.

We might be more used to seeing her singing bluesy-rock songs as the lead singer of Scottish-based band, Texas, but Spiteri is obviously very much In Demand, as she will be taking a leading role in the film, which tells the story of a remote Scottish island community and their fight against a corporate giant.

It was also announced that the Glasgow-born singer and songwriter would be joined by TV actress Dawn Steele, who will play her sister. Steele is perhaps best known for playing Alexandra ‘Lexie’ MacDonald in the BBC drama, Monarch of the Glen, but has starred in numerous other productions, including several series’ of ITV’s Wild at Heart. The latest addition to the cast is fellow Scottish actor Colin McCredie, who you might recognise as DC Stuart Fraser in ITV’s Taggart, although he also starred in Danny Boyle’s directorial debut, Shallow Grave.

Between Weathers is a joint venture from the Shetland Arts Development Agency and independent Aberdeen-based production company B4Films. B4Films is lead by Jim Brown, who will also be producing the film, and will be joined by Carol McGregor – mother of award-winning actor, Ewan McGregor. This is also reportedly the first feature to be shot on the Shetland Islands since Michael Powell’s 1937 film, The Edge of the World.

Well, you can say what you want about singers-turned-actresses, but with McCredie already calling this flick “the must-see Scottish Film of 2012”, it could certainly be one to watch. We’ll keep you posted!

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