Shawn Levy to direct Fantastic Voyage

Like submarines? Like crazy 3D CGI and lots of loud noises and bright colours? If you’ve seen Avatar, chances are you like at least the latter three. So what about Fantastic Voyage?

A remake of a 1966 film following a team of scientists being zapped down to microscopic size and sent into a human body to save the life of a colleague, Fantastic Voyage has already been parodied countless times and is ripe pickings for Family Guy and the Cartoon Network brigade.

However, it’s also ideal for someone looking to make a huge amount of cash by turning it into a 3D extravaganza of strange environments, cool technology and a group of hero nerds. No surprises Avatar‘s James Cameron is involved with the film’s production, then.

However, it’s been a while since the project was announced, and still no director had been found. Enter Shawn Levy, the man behind Night at the Museum and Cheaper by the Dozen. Certainly not the person you’d slot into this role, traditionally, but then again it’s always refreshing to see an accomplished film expert step out of their comfort zone and do something wonderful.

However, the film-fan community have raised a few valid points, notably why James Cameron is always so heavily involved with films that seem to be largely under his direction rather than, well, that of the director. Hopefully this won’t be another self-indulgent CGI fantasy, but with 3D films, that’s usually the case. More on this as it develops.

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