Sherlock Holmes looks to be a hit – that's elementary

Sherlock Holmes cynics can stick this in their pipes and smoke it; a new trailer has been released for the Guy Ritchie film – and it’s really rather good!
A role made for Robert Downey Jr, the detective has been given an ever so camp make-over in the action-packed thriller – imagine Bond in a stripped-down fight with the Da Vinci Code’s Dr Robert Langdon and you get the idea. Not that Downey was always convinced…

“Initially when I heard I was cast in the movie, I was disgusted,” he told Entertainment Tonight. However, he added that when he saw some of the daily footage, he though ‘This kid’s still got it!”

See if you agree with him…

As for me, I think Ritchie might have his first hit since 1998’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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