Sir Attenborough delves into the Kingdom of Plants

David Attenborough makes any documentary interesting when he lends his smooth, earnest voice to its narrative. You may have thought that you’d seen it all, but his next project goes where no documentary has gone before – into the secret life of plants using 3D time-lapse technology.

Kingdom of Plants 3D will be a three-part mini-series, set in the Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew) and written by Sir David Attenborough himself. Filming took a whole year, proving that the famous wild life presenter is still working on projects requiring a lot of involvement despite being in his mid 80s. Thankfully the team did not have to endure the harsh conditions  they did with Frozen Planet, although the weather in England does have its moments.

This will be the fourth time that Attenborough has teamed up with Sky 3D and Atlantic Productions, the others being The Bachelor King 3D, Flying Monsters 3D and Galapagos 3D. This new project will take viewers on a journey through three areas of the plant world: Life in the Wet Zone, Solving the Secrets and Survival. We will see how plants move, communicate and adapt, all through the wondrous medium of 3D.

Not one to shy away from pushing the boundaries, Sir David Attenborough has done just that, having teamed up with Sky to really explore the innovations in macro image capturing. Kew Gardens contains one of the largest botanical collections in the world, which would have allowed Sir Attenborough and his team to explore wide varieties of plant-life. Normally we do not notice, or think about, the secret lives of plants, however by using time-lapse technology it actually sounds quite exciting. We will see the moment when a plant bursts into flower, as well as some rather sinister sounding struggles and strangulations.

This series of programs will air on Sky 3D this May, and will be simulcast in 2D on Sky Atlantic HD.

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