Skyfall trailer – Bond is back

James Bond has certainly been a busy British spy of late. When he’s not escorting Her Majesty the Queen to the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, he’s causing a stir in the new trailer for Skyfall. You can watch both videos below.

The trailer opens with M (Dame Judi Dench) typing out an obituary for Commander James Bond, played oh-so-suavely by Daniel Craig. Have no fear however, as Bond is not dead – otherwise there would be no film. From this, we can only assume that Bondie has faked his own death, something which becomes clear later on in the trailer.

As far as M goes, it looks like she has made a bit of a blunder – losing the “drive containing the identity of every agent, embedded in terrorist organisations across the globe.” Oops.

Does M order the killing of Bond? Or is this all just an elaborate plan to save the day? It is likely to be the latter, seeing as M does not seem surprised to see Bond back reporting for duty after said “death”.

Next, we move on to the new Q, played by Ben Whishaw. This is a change, as Whishaw is considerably younger than the other actors who have played his character in the past, including Desmond Llewelyn, who appeared in a staggering 17 Bond films and John Cleese (The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day). Something else we learn from this trailer, is that Q stands for quartermaster – so it’s not actually his name!

There’s a girl, of course – in fact there are many. But as we previously reported, the main ones in Skyfall are played by Bérénice Marlohe and Naomie Harris. Javier Bardem lends his considerable talents to playing the evil Silva, who has a surprising case of slick blond hair but should prove to be no less terrifying than other Bond baddies.

There is a lot of fighting, dramatic music and a short shot of what looks like somewhere in Scotland, as well as Voldemort Ralph Fiennes making an appearance as Q’s superior. Skyfall hits UK cinemas on 26th October and you can watch the trailer below. We have also added the clip of Bond and the Queen for good measure.

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