Skyline teaser trailer appears online

Ever wondered what it’s like to be abducted by aliens? Brothers Greg and Colin Strause, the directors and special effects wizards, are about to show us, with Skyline.

We’ve just seen the trailer, and we’ll be honest – it’s hard not to feel slightly scared. Stephen Hawking’s point that aliens may in fact try to colonise Earth in much the same way America was itself colonised is a terrifying thought, and miles away from the musical and cute climax of Encounters of the Third Kind.

This time, they’re not friendly, and certainly don’t look like they’re into communicating with the human race using a keyboard. Abduction, however, is definitely on the menu, and although brief, we can see that hundreds of people are being sucked up into one ship. Given that we can see many ships, the numbers are staggering.

This is the element of science fiction that tends to be the most, and the least popular. Utter hopelessness is something horror thrives on, and dark science fiction films like this, Cube and Cloverfield help to reinforce that. Watching the bad guys win on a huge scale, if only at first, makes for some edge of the seat watching.

The trailer’s only kicking around on Apple at the moment, but feel free to take a peek. A word of advice – after watching, really, really, don’t look up…

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