Slumdog star Irrfan Khan nabs Spidey villain role

If you’re wondering who’s likely to be antagonising Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman when the new film hits production, the wait is over: Bollywood star Irfan Khan.

Khan, if you remember (which you should!), appeared in the aptly-titled Slumdog Millionaire, has been cast to play one of two villains in the new Spiderman film.

The reboot, starring Andrew Garfield (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Never Let Me Go) as Peter Parker/Spiderman, has been building up anticipation for some time. To see an actor like Khan take one of the top spots is exciting, as it’s unusual to see major players in the Bollywood scene move into mainstream, although Slumdog co-star Frieda Pinto’s made an appearance in Miral recently.

Khan will be playing Proto-Goblin – for those not versed in Spidey lore, and even by geek standards this is a really obscure one, Proto-Goblin is an angry, red, biologically-altered version of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin from Spidey’s last cinematic outing.

Scary? Of course! But hopefully it’ll stay that way, although there have been several rumblings of the films being toned down for a younger audience, which is a shame – TFR rather enjoyed the brutal combat realism in the last attempt at the Spiderman universe.

Hopefully we’ll see some more original casting soon, and finally find out what Rhys Ifan’s role actually is, though it’s rumoured to be Dr. Connors, the lovely doctor bloke who happens to, y’know, transform into a huge homocidal lizard now and then. Oh, and he’s got one arm. Slightly insane? Well, that’s Ifans for you! Will he even need to act?!

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