Smurfs image surfaces

For all those wondering when the funny, odd-hatted little blue fellows (and lady, mind you) were making their way to the big screen, a new image has just surfaced that confirms they’ll be exploring New York for at least part of the film.

The picture doesn’t give a lot away, though we’re reliably informed that the Smurfs in the image are Grouchy, Papa and Clumsy Smurf, and by the look of it they’re going to be doing a run similar to the Muppets in their own Manhattan-based adventure. The “fictional characters meet the real world – hoo, boy!” stuff’s been done countless times, and the Smurfs have faded into irrelevance in recent years (unless you count innuendo-laden references in Family Guy). Whether they’ll revive them isn’t really an issue – most revived children’s classics are instant successes simply due to how timeless characters like the Smurfs are.

They also promote good morals and forging relationships, and a lot of messages that are, sadly, sometimes devoid from a lot of children’s entertainment (some would agree that Shrek was never really intended for children as a sole audience – one wonders how much of the pop-culture-laden film bypasses the young audiences crowding the cinema, back then). Confirmed cast members are Katy Petty (which should be interesting as many children will wonder why the lady’s singing patronising pop music about pseudo-lesbianism while voicing, let’s take a guess – Smurfette?), Hank Azaria (who’ll do well, he of The Simpsons fame) and Alan Cumming (who’s played everything from a small part in Garfield to Adolf Hitler – interesting CV for the Smurfs, no?).

Let’s see how the blue folks do when a trailer surfaces. You never know, it might rekindle all those happy feelings you associate with the little fellows (and lady, again).

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