John Carter will be fighting aliens on Mars from 9th March, and below we have some new images from the midst of the action.


Back in November, we brought you the trailer, plus a suitably terrifying picture of the White Ape that will no doubt be terrorising Mr. Carter. Now, we have more images to tantalise your eyes and get you excited for the release of this film, adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom novels. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge).



Disney have released a 10 minute clip (below), so we can meet the planet-hopping hero before Friday!

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Here is a more detailed look at the abominable, abnormally large beast - of which there now seem to be more than one. Huge tusks and lots of long, heavy limbs - not something you would want to meet on a dark night and poor John Carter looks rather small in comparison.

Oh no wait, by the looks of him here he can probably handle it. The fictional character of John Carter in the novels was from Earth, however he became known as 'John Carter of Mars' - this being where his biggest triumphs took place. This film will be based on the first John Carter novel, A Princess of Mars, which was released in 1912 as a series of six instalments. After being transported to the planet, he soon learns that it is in trouble, and that its residents are very volatile. Will be be able to stop the fighting, while keeping himself alive? Does he need to defeat the huge monster things that look like they could eat him in one bite? Probably, but we have faith in Taylor Kitsch to play him suitably heroically.

In the upcoming film, John Carter will meet a princess, played by Lynn Collins and it looks like things get steamy. Well, she is in need of rescuing so what is our hero to do? Will this be the typical story of the good-looking guy and the damsel-in-distress? Possibly, although they are on Mars, and there is an alien war going on.

The planet is being torn apart by fighting between the various different nations that reside there, so basically this film will contain a lot of aliens. It looks like the design team have had some fun with these.

From the looks of these images, we can expect a film that takes us to an alien world and drops us right in the middle of the action. John Carter looks like quite a suitable hero for the story and from the way he is leaping oh-so-bravely in this image, he will live up to the hype.