Spielberg considering Jurassic Park reboot

Yeah, I’m not incredibly pleased either, but the legendary Steven Spielberg ponders either returning to, or rebooting Jurassic Park is still an important event.

Reboots are common, but there are certain films that it’s best not to touch. Die Hard, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, Star Wars, oh, and Jurassic Park. The reason you don’t reboot these franchises is because they are fine as they are.

It’s not the X-Men franchise, where the films are decent but could be easily remade and improved on – the Jurassic Park films are legendary, and most especially the first two (similar to Terminator, another untouchable franchise… well, it used to be). So to remake them runs the risk of a giant like Spielberg effectively trampling all over his own work in favour of a film that won’t be guaranteed to inspire the same amount of awe, terror and excitement that the original films managed in spades.

Nothing’s set in stone at present; nothing ever is, when it comes to remakes and reboots, as the controversy of committing to something so blasphemous usually renders the project inert after a few short months. Then again, it’s not a new rumour, the web tells me, but Spielberg’s direct involvement with the project lends it a worrying level of credibility. More on this as it develops.

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