Sponsored Video: The Dictator Premières in London

Sacha Baron Cohen courted controversy once again at the London première of his latest film, The Dictator.

As the crowds outside London’s Royal Festival Hall no doubt expected, Cohen was fully in character as Admiral General Aladeen, as he arrived for the word première of his upcoming film, The Dictator. Aladeen was rolled onto the red carpet in an orange Lamborghini being towed by a truck – claiming that he had he refused to pay the clamp charges after shopping at “the British Home Stores”.

Cohen takes on the role of the oppressive ruler of fictional Republic of Wadiya, and will see the comedian star alongside Ben Kingsley, Megan Fox and Anna Faris, who has recently announced that she is expecting her first child. Brandishing a golden gun at photographers, Cohen he was also flanked by a number of shapely female ‘ Virgin Guards’ for the event – reminiscent of those who were often photographed with the late Libyan prime minister, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Keen to keep up the political satire, Aladeen told the crowds that he would like to grant political asylum to Rupert Murdoch, and made reference to the UK’s recent phone-hacking by saying that phone-hacking also took place in Wadiya, but that,”Everyone who has a phone, we hack off their hands.” He also posed with Harrods owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed, before claiming to be Prince Harry’s real father.

However, Cohen’s outlandish antics might be seen as rather tame in comparison to February’s Oscars, where when Aladeen tipped the ‘ashes’ of Kim Jong-il over a reporter’s head…

The Dictator is released in the UK on 16th May, 2012. Check out the trailer below.

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