Sponsored video – LEGO Hero Spice parodies Old Spice

LEGO has released eight user-generated videos created under the LEGO theme of Hero Factory. The video below, “Hero Spice” was made by Tina Radel and  is a surprisingly accurate parody of the Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice commercial.

The main story running through the LEGO Hero campaign is that a plethora of undesirables (monsters, villains…the usual) have escaped from the mighty Hero Factory. It is now the job of our LEGO Heroes to round up their enemies using the various tools at their disposal.

The user-generated videos show how some of our LEGO heroes have been trapping the LEGO super-villains with plenty of top tricks and crafty catches. One great gadget is the “Hero Cuffs”, semi-intelligent hand-cuffs that can chain up a baddie by simply being thrown in their general direction.

Anyone can play with the LEGO Heroes from Hero Factory and try to catch the villains themselves. So “join the battle and fight like a hero”, or spritz some Hero Spice on yourself and smell like one too.

For more LEGO fun, head to the LEGO Hero Factory.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by LEGO, but written by The Film Review.

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