Warp to 2013: Star Trek 2 Release Date Announced

Two years after the release of J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek in 2009, the release date of the anticipated 3-D sequel has been announced for 2013.

Star Trek fans are going to wish they could warp forward to 2013 now it has been announced the release date for the anticipated sequel will be a rather long time off, 17th May, 2013.

The sequel to the 2009 blockbuster hit is yet to be find a title and doesn’t begin shooting until January, but fans have been spoiled with some juicy titbits. Prior to the announcement, Abrams confirmed that he was in early negotiations with Benicio Del Toro to play a villain in the film, and that long time Abrams collaborator, composer Michael Giacchino will be back to set the mood with another breathtaking score.

It has also been confirmed the film will indeed be in 3-D, a move that has surprised those familiar with J.J Abrams’s work. The director has been vocal about his reluctance to go down the 3-D avenue, not because he is opposed to the idea as such, but because he has little interest in the medium. “I have nothing against the 3-D theory,” he said in January of this year. “But I’ve never run to the movies because something’s in 3-D.” So did he change his mind of his own accord or was there persuasion involved? We suspect Paramount has a lot to do with the decision.

So for all you non-Trekies, what is all the fuss about? After all, Star Trek has had many remakes and spin-offs over the years including: the TV series Voyager, Star Trek the Next Generation and Star Trek Enterprise.

Based on the original 1966 series, the film included all the original iconic characters such as Captain Kirk, Spock and Scotty. Considering the iconic nature of the series, it was inevitable that fans would scrutinise the film’s faithfulness to the source material, and following in Williams Shatner‘s footsteps, Chris Pine played James T. Kirk chronicling the early days of the USS Enterprise, and how the young trouble-maker Kirk became the captain.

The film was a hit and holds the record as the highest grossing film based on a television series as well as introducing a new generation to the franchise. A sequel was inevitable, so fans will be excited to see where J.J. and the team take Kirk and his crew next.

All the key members of the original cast will be returning for round two, including Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

Excited? Let us know.


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