Star Wars 3D posters: no Jar Jar in sight!

Star Wars fans rejoice! The wait for the upcoming 3D releases of the franchise are nearly upon us. And the new posters for Episode One: The Phantom Menace have been revealed.

Star Wars Phantom Menance 3D Poster no Jar Jar in sight!

Last year it was announced that George Lucas has been a busy man, digitally enhancing all six films in the franchise, ready to bring them back to theatres next month.

The move is yet another example of Hollywood’s attempt to make more money out of former releases. The Lion King 3D and Beauty and the Beast 3D have already been released, while James Cameron’s Titanic is coming to the big screen again in April.

The trouble with Lucas releasing all six films is, he’s releasing them in order. And I don’t mean the order of their original releases. If only that were true.

First up are the prequels, beginning with 1999’s Episode One: The Phantom Menace, which so happens to be the least popular of the entire franchise.

Yes, we have to sit through the first three in order, before we can enjoy the original classics in even greater glory. And while yes, Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith was a decent film, The Phantom Menace and Episode Two: Attack of the Clones, were not.

Despite the prequels being widely agreed to be inferior to the originals, Star Wars fans will no doubt flock in their thousands.

At the very least we can admire the posters, which are admittedly rather cool. The Phantom Menace promotion has placed emphasis on the best moments in the film: Darth Maul, the big race and the characters we know and love.

Perhaps they hope we will forget the existence of Jar Jar (who is noticeably absent from all advertising) and the slow moving plot?

The Phantom Menace opens 10th February 2012. The release dates of the other five films are yet to be announced.

So which release are you most looking forward to? Let us know!

Here is one of the posters! Click to view full size:

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