Steve Carell to play Meryl Streep’s therapist?

Funny man Steve Carell is rumoured to be taking on a serious role for his latest film.

It has been reported that Carell will be playing Meryl Streep‘s therapist in Great Hope Springs.

Streep will be working with director David Frankel who she previously worked with on The Devil Wears Prada, when she played the scary fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly.

This time she will play a middle aged woman whose marriage of 30 years is in tatters. The pair agree to attend marriage counselling.

Carrell is in talks for role of Dr Field, who works with the couple at getting their relationship back on track.

At the moment, it’s unclear who will be playing Streep’s husband in the film, however Philip Seymour Hoffman and James Gandolfini are both lined up to be in the film, so could it be one of them?

Carell is known for his part in the US version of The Office and a whole range of comedies, such as Anchorman and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He has played more serious roles in the past, such as Little Miss Sunshine when he played a gay scholar of French author Marcel Proust, but he is mostly known for his humour. You’ll next see him in Crazy, Stupid, Love, which also stars Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Kevin Bacon and Julianne Moore. Carell is also working as a producer on the film.

Streep has recently taken on the role of Maggie Thatcher for a biopic, called The Iron Lady, about the former UK Prime Minister.

It’s a great cast isn’t it? But does the plot sound interesting enough?

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