Story of Chilean miners attracts Brad Pitt

Even while the miners were stuck down the pit, there was talk of a Hollywood production of the event. What we didn’t guess was that it would be Mr Pitt vying for the rights of the story.

Brad Pitt‘s entertainment company Plan B, which has worked on the likes of Kick Ass and The Departed, is bidding to get hold of the extraordinary tale of the 33 miners who survived 69 days in a collapsed mine shaft and were successfully rescued.

The report comes from a Chilean daily newspaper called El Mercurio, which quoted the lawyer Edgardo Reinoso who represents the miners. He said that the aim was to produce a film rendering the men’s harrowing underground captivity.

Rumour has it that several of the miners who were rescued may even star in it. Reinoso also said that they are trying to set up a holding company to make sure proceeds from the sale of their story is evenly distributed.

This isn’t the only film about the miners though, incredibly one is already being made. Director Antonio Recio is shooting in a mine very near to the original with 32 Chilean actors and one Bolivian star, which is the exact make up of the rescued miners. Apparently it already has a trailer, with the strap line “You’ve seen the outside, now take a glimpse of what it was like inside.”

So what do you think? Will the story be better when backed by a Hollywood heavyweight, like Brad Pitt?

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