Street Dance 3D has all the right moves.

Street Dance 3D is doing really well and beating Hollywood blockbuster Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in the box office.
The film which is being hailed as ‘ Britain’s first 3D dance movie’ took £1.79m this weekend and £0.7m from previews the previous weekend. Prince of Persia only took £1.37m.
So, looks like a modest British film with a £4.5m budget, with £1m in lottery funding can hold it’s own against a $150m film.
What’s the secret behind it then and why are even the critics enjoying this early summer hit?
It seems that 3D has finally found where it should be, what can look better coming out the screen at us than back flips and inventive dance moves?
The critics are saying that it looks really impressive and also makes London look cool, instead of grimy like in a lot of other films.
The story is about a London dance troupe who team up with ballet students for a dance competition. Three acts from Britain’s Got Talent star in the film, 2008 winner George Samson, 2009 winner’s Diversity and runner up Flawless.
Street Dance 3D is in cinemas now.
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