Super 8 US box office #1, but UK release is miles away

Super 8 looks like a seriously cool film, and is written and directed by J. J. Abrams with Steven Spielberg producing. It’s successfully knocked X-Men: First Class off the coveted number one USA box office spot, but it’s nowhere to be seen across the pond.

The film tells the tale of a group of 1970s children fooling around and making films with a Super 8 camera, the FlipHD of their era, when all of a sudden a train derails and things get weird and dangerous. They also live in the fictional steel town of Lillian, Ohio (read run down and depressed) where they seem to be cut off from any reasonably close means of reinforcement or rescue. Not ideal.

Without going into details as that would spoil the plot (for myself, as well), it sounds like a great film, but unfortunately it’s not coming out in the UK until August. Now, that’s a little tough, as the Wikipedia page already has a full plot, and Twitter people who’ve seen it are likely to start giving the game away. Piracy may somewhat damage the non-US figures as a result, methinks.

Regardless, it looks awesome, and just to keep you hyped and happy, it’s receiving rave reviews across the board by American critics, which isn’t surprising given Abrams and Spielberg’s respective pedigrees in science fiction. More on this, well, when we’ve seen it!

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Super 8 US box office #1, but UK release is miles away, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating