Tarzan is about to go three-dimensional

Aaaaahaaaahaaaaah! Yep, if you thought you’d heard the last of the tree-climbing, vine-swinging macho-man, you’d be wrong – he’s coming back to cinemas, this time in 3D.

A lot of people would argue that the Disney rendition of the Tarzan story was the epitome of how it could’ve been done. Those people would be largely correct, especially when you factor in the fact this is another animated shot at the jungle-based action story.

I’m sure everyone knows Tarzan’s life story by now, but if not I’ll clue you in: Tarzan is a man who lives in the jungle, and was raised by apes. Along comes Jane and her crew of colonialist Brits, and she happens to discover and fall in love with the muscular, loincloth-adorned man of the jungle.

Of course, it’s no different to the many films that came after it – the “innocent native meets powerful colonialist” is a theme that runs through a lot of releases down the years, from the Tarzan parody George of the Jungle (look out for that tree!), to high-grossing blockbusters like James Cameron’s Avatar.

However, what Avatar proved, alongside the fact that despite it’s a huge budget it still relied on a narrative swiped from Disney’s Pocohontas, was that jungles and wildlife look incredible in 3D. Multi-layered backgrounds, slowly moving fronds and leafy trees in the background; they all give the sense that the film’s invading the room, which is the point behind 3D in the first place.

Constantin Film, the company who’ve bought the rights to the film, are more well-known for films of a darker nature, such as the Resident Evil franchise. However, this time around they’re working alongside director and producer Reinhard Klooss (Animals United) in order to bring this to the silver screen.

It begs the question of how they’re planning to play this one out – going through exactly the same motions as Disney seems like box-office suicide, and Disney’s animation style back then was smooth and slick enough to look nice on Blu-Ray, and even Digital 3D. Perhaps they’ll mix it up a bit for the new generation of jungle kiddies – more bangs, more flashes, and more wise-cracks. Quite how they’ll get them from a mute ape-man is another matter.

So what do you think? Is it the best idea Constantin Film have ever had, or is it cinematic blasphemy? Are films nowadays rehashing old material too often to be considered truly good by themselves? Comment and share your thoughts. Us, TFR. You, commenters.

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