Taylor Lautner pulling in 8-figure salaries

Here at TFR we’re content to argue over our various allegiances to either Team Edward or Team Jacob. But one thing’s for sure – Taylor Lautner is Team Well-Paid.

At eighteen, he’s making numbers that are matching up to some of the most iconic actors in the film industry. With Incarceron‘s female lead casting underway (you can imagine the eagerness with which they’re signing up) and two more projects lined up for 2012, he’s not short on jobs.

Interestingly, one of his big roles also comes in the form of the film adaptation of Stretch Armstrong. Yeah, exactly. But who cares, at $7.5 million, right? He’s not doing badly, and as Incarceron is based on a book, it’s encouraging to see him venture into other ‘young adult’ (YA) literary adaptations alongside Twilight – a good way of finding his feet prior to working on more mature features.

Here in the office, we’re all for seeing young actors graduate into more grown-up roles, and Lautner is one of a wave of individuals like Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson who’re fast becoming the current generation’s life-long movie stars. More power to him!

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