Taylor Lautner leaves Stretch Armstrong, film changes studios

So, yeah. Taylor Lautner was due to play Stretch Armstrong. No, you heard right. The stretchy toy bloke we all had as kids. But he’s left, and the film’s switched studios. Good move? Yep.

Pic of the 70s-era Stretch Armstrong toy.What I don’t get about Taylor Lautner is that he’s actually got a reasonable amount of potential, but keeps finding himself in the world’s stupidest roles on a semi-regular basis. Generic action film Abduction was utterly panned by critics, so of course, the logical next move would be to throw his lot in with a production that’s a little better-suited to furthering his career and helping him move away from his Twilight-era “Jacob Black” image.

So he went with STRETCH ARMSTRONG.

The film is literally about the titular hero, possibly playing out similarly to a story based around Mr. Fantastic (aka Reed Richards) of Fantastic Four. Initially, Universal were heading up the project, but Relativity Media have since taken over, as Universal has dumped the project. I think we can all agree it’s for the best, and I’m not sure how well Relativity Media think this film is going to go, although I have nothing against seeing Stretch Armstrong toys on sale once more. More on this, well, if it happens.

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