Terminator Salvation director McG confirms he won't be revisiting Charlie's Angels

Looks like working with Christian Bale on Terminator Salvation has gone to McG’s head… The director has confirmed that he’ll never make another Charlie’s Angels movie again because he wants to concentrate sci-fi flicks…“I’m trying to grow and work in genres that I’m most comfortable working in. I got started in Charlie’s Angels, and I wish them every success with another sequel, but these are the films that I grew up feeling very passionate about. The Terminator. Blade Runner. The Kubrick pictures,” he told Mania.

Despite his departure after working on the first two Charlie’s Angels films, producer and lead actress Drew Barrymore has confirmed that a further sequel is in the making with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu also set to reprise their roles.

The Terminator reviews aren’t in yet, so could McG have been a little hasty handing his notice in? You never know, there’s a chance Charlie’s Angels could high-kick Terminator out of the box office, so he might be grovelling back to Drew by the end of the month…

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