Thor Footage Now Floating Around the Web

If you’re holding your hammers in anticipation of the Thor film adaptation, then you’re in luck – a set visit by Entertainment Tonight has revealed many parts of the film in all their glory.

Thor is based around the Marvel comic depicting none other than the god himself – hammer in hand, bearded, and scared of nothing whatsoever (when you can harness the power of lightning, what’s there to be scared of?). Currently the set and film crew reside in New Mexico, where the film is steadily pacing towards completion. Glimpses were seen of Thor in his civilian outfit (even gods have to blend in, occasionally) and Anthony Hopkins as Wotan the One-Eyed. Comic fans will probably being going out of their minds at the knowledge that a prestigious actor like Hopkins has taken up a role in a Marvel film adaptation, but it wouldn’t be the first time major actors have been involved in the new wave of comic-to-film media.

Everyone’s still waiting for glimpses of the other Viking-mythology-inspired characters, such as Loki and Sif. But as we’ve got until the far, far away release date of May 2011, no one’s in too much of a hurry – actors and character designs will come as the film develops, as it’ll be the post-production that puts the weeks on the end of their schedule before release. Hopefully the final CGI will be better than the recent Wolverine, as if not, all the “spark” will go out of this adapation.

Oh come on, it’s Friday!

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