Tim Burton set to direct Addams Family?

Fans of the kooky director’s work – grab your black nail polish and hold onto your baggy jumpers and flock-of-seagulls haircuts – Tim Burton is coming to film-town, and he’s got his eyes set on the Addams Family.

Everyone’s always interested to see what Burton’s working on, as the director/creator of films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride and, most recently, Alice in Wonderland is always capable of bringing his uniquely twisted visions to the silver screen.

The vampiric, spectral Addams family, their Frankenstein’s Monster-esque butler, Lurch, and Thing (a dembodied hand) are ripe material for a re-make by any director.

Although it may seem that Burton is unwilling to stray too far from his comfort zone, at least he’ll be a dab hand at bringing the black comedy to life.

It’s one of the few character-universes that’s worth keeping around for years to come, and it begs the question: who would you choose to play the family members?

Frankly, I think there’s a fair chance we might see Burton’s new bald go-to-man Matt Lucas as the rather mental Uncle Fester, and of course, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter (are you really that surprised?) as Gomez and Morticia respectively.

If there’s one thing to be sure of, it’s that we’ll probably end up with a funny couple of hours of 3D antics involving explosions, potions, the near-undead, monsters, and as with all Burton films, a few normal-and-annoying neighbours. Bring on the Addams Family.

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