Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie cast chosen

For all those hardcore Tim Burton fans, good news – the kooky goth is about to make his third major stop-motion feature film – an adaptation of his 1984 short masterpiece, Frankenweenie.

If you’ve got a dog on your lap and he loves to read TFR, you may want to steer him towards the neighbourhood cat, as Rex might get a bit squeamish!

We’re big Tim Burton fans here at TFR and it’s always nice to see what the kooky fellow is getting up to next, so seeing him adapt his creative early works from the 80s using his classic stop-motion techniques is exciting, to say the least.

Frankenweenie’s all about a dog who dies. Sad, right? But fear not! It’s reborn as a Frankenstein’s monster, but with four legs and a wagging tail! Featuring Winona Ryder (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice), Martin Landau (Ed Wood), Martin Short (Mars Attacks!) and Catherine O’Hara (Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas), it’s bound to be a great adaptation. Given Tim Burton’s ability for getting the most out of the actors he works with (especially as he keeps working with the same people!).

So, dogs, stop-animation, the undead and more stitches then a Friday night at an East London hospital – sounds good to us, though for now, let’s keep it between us and anyone not working for the RSPCA, shall we? They might get the wrong idea…

If you’ve not seen the original, by the way, here it is as a YouTube playlist. Enjoy, and leave your thoughts on his latest project.

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