Tom Hanks to star in sci-fi webseries

Tom Hanks, in a break from tradition, is due to star in a web-based sci-fi series.

Don't lie to yourself. You'd watch this guy in anything.While that sinks in, I’ll throw some knowledge at you. Electric City is a series set in the aforementioned metropolis, a place that seems like paradise, until a more sinister side hidden away underneath its glossy exterior is revealed.

Hanks has done writing work for the project, and stars in it as the lead voice actor. Erin McPherson, the Vice President and Head of Video Programming and Originals at Yahoo!, where the series will make its home, had the following to say:

“It is animated and it has a science fiction bent and in that way, like all great science fiction, it definitely plays on what is the best type of society to live in and themes around energy usage, conservation and sustainability.”

The plot sounds interesting, and McPherson makes it sound extremely relevant and topical (yes, I know, eco-themes again, but Tom Hanks! C’mon, that’s got to be worth something, right?), so we’ll be tuning in to check this out when it appears.

No word on a date yet, but it’ll be a total of 90 minutes long, and will be broadcast in… twenty minute segments. Clearly, someone’s maths skills are a little rusty. My prediction is that the pilot will be ten. More on this as we get the info.

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