Tom Hardy is Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Wondering what role Tom Hardy would play in the hotly anticipated sequel to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight? None other than the chemically-pumped supervillain, Bane.

As the resident Batman fan here at the TFR Towers, this is fantastic news. The difficulty with getting another villain in for The Dark Knight Rises (not the most imaginative title, we admit) is that your choices are limited. Riddler? Too similar to Ledger’s Joker. Poison Ivy? Again, too similar to the other chemically-armed Scarecrow in Batman Begins.

So, you need a character who can do something the others can’t. One of those things is the ability to not only work out Batman’s true identity, but also to break his back over your knee, destroy the containing wall of Arkham Asylum bare-handed, and sneak into the Batcave. We’re talking about Bane.

Turned into a horrifically huge monster by a huge quantity of the drug Venom being pumped into his bloodstream, Bane is not a fan of Batman. Of course, a chemically-enhanced character (not the only such Batman villain, if you follow the Joker-meets-chemical-tank argument) stays within the bounds of believable science, as long as he’s not too big. Which’d be a shame, to be honest, as a big Bane is one of the staple-marks of Gotham’s big-and-scary crew, alongside the rather sinister Solomon Grundy.

With Anne Hathaway confirmed as Catwoman, it seems Bruce Wayne won’t go without some form of romantic interest in The Dark Knight Rises, though it’ll be interesting to see them explain his sudden lack of growly, Bale-esque grief. More on this as it happens.

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