Up still on top of the US box office

Pixar’s latest smash doesn’t even hit the UK until autumn, but it’s still causing a stir around the globe, having stayed onto of the US box office for a second weekend running.
Up’s success didn’t cause any major headaches for the Hangover, though; the Vegas jaunt won the battle of the comedies with Land Of The Lost and netted $43 million on the way. Will Farrell’s flick managed to grab the third spot, just ahead of Night at the Museum 2, while Star Trek and Terminator showed their staying power too.

Here’s how the top ten is looking:

Up ($44.2 million)
The Hangover ($43.2 million)
Land Of The Lost $19.5 million)
Night At The Museum 2 ($14.6 million)
Star Trek ($8.4 million)
Terminator Salvation ($8.2 million)
Drag Me To Hell (7.3 million)
Angels & Demons ($6.5 million)
My Life In Ruins ($3.2 million)
Dance Flick ($2 million)

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