Trailer for Arthur starring Russell Brand

The trailer for the remake of Arthur, starring Russell Brand, has finally been released!

There has certainly been much anticipation surrounding the latest film from Mr. Brand, who last year reprised his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character, Aldous Snow, in Get Him to the Greek.

Arthur sees him play a role which might not be vastly different, but should be quite enjoyable all the same. The film is the story of a drunken playboy, who will only receive his inheritance if he agrees to marry a socialite (Jennifer Garner) chosen by his mother (Geraldine James). However, he’s prepared to risk it all for one woman (Greta Gerwig), and attempts to live without his fortune – with a little help from his nanny (Helen Mirren).

However, the film has already received some criticism. While we all know that playing a hedonistic charmer is exactly what Brand does best, he’ll certainly be under more scrutiny than usual as he attempts to step into the shoes once occupied by comedy legend Dudley Moore – who played Arthur in the 1981 original.

The film has already been condemned by fans of the original, for the ‘modernisation’ changes it makes within the script. Others have also questioned whether a remake is necessary at all – whilst the 1981 film enjoyed box office success and earned itself a couple of Oscars, it was never really considered to be a masterpiece. In fact, the sequel was such a failure that Moore disowned it completely.

However, from the looks of this trailer, Brand‘s well-honed comic delivery is still very much on form, and the script could well include a fair few funny moments. Throw in the impressive supporting cast and well-chosen soundtrack, and I think it’s fair to say that we’re quite looking forward to the whole thing.

Arthur is due to be released in UK cinemas on 22nd April.

Check out the trailer below:

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