Trailer out for British action thriller – Cleanskin

In a world of suicide bombings and terrorist cells, there is one man who can save the city. Cleanskin has been described as a sophisticated action thriller and, set in the criminal underbelly of London, it promises to be packed with action, crime and Sean Bean.

Bean, who fans of Game of Thrones will recognise as Eddard Stark, will be sticking to the strong, manly character. This story however will be set not in the mythical land of Westeros, but instead in the very modern and very real, London. He will be playing Ewan, a Secret Service Agent, working undercover to find out who a small-time arms dealer is selling Semtex (a plastic explosive) to.

However, his mission gets a lot tougher when masked gunmen steal the Semtex. When a suicide bomber bombs a busy restaurant, it becomes apparent that there is something bigger going on and that the city is in danger from a terrorist cell. In true secret agent/thriller style, his operators, played by Charlotte Rampling (Melancholia) and James Fox (W.E.). tell him to go off-grid and alone to seek out the mastermind behind the attack, played by Abhin Galeya (Wimbledon). Cleanskin also stars Tom Burke (Great Expectations), Tuppence Middleton (Chatroom) Michelle Ryan (4,3,2,1). It looks like a tense and thrilling ride through a world that many people don’t like to think about.

How will Sean Bean’s character find a terrorist with no previous convictions (i.e. a ‘cleanskin’)? Can he save the city? Will he have the same accent as he did in Game of Thrones? The answer to the latter is ‘yes’ and as for the rest, you will have to wait until the film is released on 9th March to find out. Until then have a look at the trailer:

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