Trailer released for Roman Polanski’s Carnage

The latest trailer for Roman Polanski’s latest film, Carnage, has been released.

Carnage is a black comedy based on the French play, God of Carnage, written by Yasmina Reza. The plot follows two sets of parents who decide to meet after a fight between their young sons in a park, in which one of them was injured.

Liberal couple, Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly, play a human rights advocate and self-employed salesman respectively. They invite Kate Winslet, playing a investment broker, and her husband, Christoph Waltz, a high-powered lawyer, over to their apartment with the intentions of discussing the matter in a civilised manner.

However, as the couples begin to clash, the meeting quickly descends into a lengthy and chaotic argument, touching on topics such as homophobia and misogyny. With prejudices and drunkeness taking over the arguments, as well as what promises to be some fairly spectacular vomiting on Winslet‘s part, it’s not long before it becomes clear that the parents are barely more sophisticated than their children when it comes to resolving disagreements.

Despite the fact that the story of Carnage is set in Brooklyn, the film was in fact filmed in Paris, due to Polanski’s current inability to travel to US. The film premièred at the 68th Venice International Film Festival, and have received a hugely positive critical reaction.

Carnage is set to reach UK cinemas on 3rd February 2012. Check out the trailer below:

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