New trailer for Water For Elephants & Disney’s Prom

As it’s Friday we thought we’d treat you two exciting new trailers to whet your appetite.

First up, the third and most revealing trailer yet for Water For Elephants has been released. And they just keep getting better, we can’t wait for the film now.

Water For Elephants tells the story of veterinary student Jacob Jankowski, played by our fave vampire Robert Pattinson, who joins a travelling circus during the Great Depression.
He falls in love with equestrian performer, Marlena (played by Reese Witherspoon), who is married to the abusive circus leader (Christoph Waltz) which causes some serious beef.
Anyway, this latest trailer focuses on the circus part of the story whereas the previous ones were more concerned with when Jacob was studying. There’s a nice bit with Witherspoon writhing around on a horse and some saucy looking bits of R-Patz and Da Spoon in the throes of passion.

See for yourself, what do you think? You can see the full film from May 4.

On a lighter note a new trailer has surfaced for the Disney teen romp Prom and again it’s got us a little excited. The soundtrack sounds great so far. Our only qualm is that the trailer leaves very little for the actual film.

Prom is about, you guessed it, a prom and it follows a bunch of teens as they prepare for their big night, some more reluctantly than others. There’s no one particularly famous in it, at least not in the UK but that doesn’t stop it from looking extremely enjoyable.

Check it out and let us know what you think. It will be released in the UK on June 10.

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