Ice Age 4 – New Trailer Released

The misfit herd comprising of a tiger, a sloth and a mammoth are back for their forth adventure in the upcoming family-fun film, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.

The 3D animation features the voice of John Leguizamo as the somewhat annoying chatterbox Sid the sloth, Denis Leary as Diego the sabre-toothed tiger, and Ray Romano as Manny the big fluffy mammoth.

The film has a star-studded cast of guest voices which include the likes of Jennifer Lopez  (Maid in Manhattan), Peter Hayden Dinklage (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian), Nick Frost (Paul) and pop singer Nicki Minaj.

The action-packed comedy – which is released this July – sees the animals right in the middle of an Earth-shattering environmental disaster. The earth’s continents are starting to form which leaves our four-legged heroes floating in the ocean on a chunk of ice.

But Scrat – the funniest character by far – is of course on his usual acorn-hunting frenzy which only ever ends in disaster. Check out the hilarious trailer below of Scrat causing yet more chaos.

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