Trent Reznor to score and act in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter [Updated]

Oscar? Check. Most popular industrial band on the planet? Check. Awesome new job scoring Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? Check. Trent Reznor has a rather awesome CV.

[Update: Trent’s not doing the music, folks, sorry to get your hopes up. Bad sources there – seems he had it offered to him, then said no. Don’t worry, he’s as confused and possibly irritated as you are.]

Nine Inch Nails. One of the most important musical acts of the last several decades, and I say this both as a fan of music, and a fan of the band. However, unlike most bands that changed an entire genre, it was comprised of a single individual: Trent Reznor.

Having worked on various projects over the years, from scoring Quake to The Social Network alongside Atticus Ross – which just won the man an Academy Award for Best Original Score – he’s ready to turn his sights to more film work. And what could be a better fit than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

It’s a dark book, and Reznor knows dark like we know films. If you’re after someone with a knack for modern, inspired tunes that resonate with the tone of vampire killing and serious purpose, then he’s your man.

It gets better.

He’s also rumoured to be playing – sit down for this one – the vampire that turns Lincoln’s mother. A first for him, as it’s an acting role, and one that’s given NIN fans a reason to flock to the cinemas when this film opens. He may be adorably tiny, but his voice is definitely deep and solid enough to play a haunting bloodsucker.

More on Abe as it comes, though if this gets any better I might run out of positive words in my brain.

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