Troll Hunter director takes on demon-hunter soccer mom film

Going from a troll hunter to a demon hunter isn’t a big leap for Troll Hunter director Andre Øvredal, but perhaps that’s not a bad thing.

He seems somewhat... dour?Imagine being a demon hunter who’s tired of the job and just wants to retire. Imagine that wish being granted and going off to be a soccer mom, only to find out some time later that the demons are back, and you need to go and sort them out. God, what a hassle. But of course, this time around, you’ve got different priorities – you’re a parent, not a do-gooder with no real social responsibilities.

This is the premise of Carpe Demon: The Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom, based of the novel of the same name by Julie Kenner. It’s set in a town called San Diablo (come on, seriously? Why not Hellville? It’s only slightly less subtle). Empire claims that it’s Buffy but all grown up, and I’m tempted to agree because I think although San Diablo is cheesy and obvious, it’s the good kind, I suppose – it shows some thought and creativity, and for me, Buffy was on the right side of cheesiness.

Hotel Transylvania‘s screenwriters, Dan and Kevin Hagerman, are on hand to take the book from page to screen, and the rights are owned by 1492, Chris Columbus’ production company. If you’ve not heard about them, expect a rant soon, as they own the rights to make an English-language version of Troll Hunter, because, clearly, all Americans require remakes in their native tongue, à la Let the Right One In/Let Me In. Hrmph.

This does sound interesting though, and I’m curious how it’ll play out – the reviews of the novel seem generally favourable, and Vatican-trained demon hunters in a world where demons exist alongside human beings sounds interesting enough to get me to sit down for a couple of hours or so. More on this as we get the info.

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