Twilight Eclipse takes $161m on its opening weekend

If you’re a Twihard who simply can’t get enough of the film, you’ve probably contributed to the staggering opening weekend viewing figures several times over. However, if you’re not a fan, you can’t do anything but respect those numbers. It’s official: the Twilight franchise is still going strong.

Released last Wednesday to appease fans eager for the third instalment of the story about everyone’s favourite vampire-werewolf-human love triangle, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing either.

This is a huge amount for an opening weekend, and only just fails to set a record, beaten by other franchise instalments like Shrek 2, The Matrix: Reloaded and Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. That’s not bad going for the Twilight fanbase!

Considering the film’s massive takings, it is puzzling that it has not been amazingly well-reviewed in some circles. Critics have knocked it into next week for poor acting and bad special effects. However, this doesn’t stop people flocking to see it in droves, and fans of the book (or, more likely, fans of Taylor Lautner’s strapping chest) have helped it earn a hefty amount that will no doubt grow even larger in the coming weeks.

With one more film to go, the Twilight franchise looks set to be one of the biggest grossing series of all time, and as long as author Stephenie Meyer keeps writing, people will read and watch the adaptations.

Of course, it was also the 4th of July on Sunday, which tends to draw increased numbers of movie crowds in the USA. Films like Spiderman 2 benefited hugely from its release on the 4th itself. However the Eclipse had a better swathe of reviews than New Moon, and a larger budget, so all Twihards keep your fingers crossed that Team Edwards and Team Jacobs around the world will keep it top of the charts.

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