Twins sequel announced – with Eddie Murphy making it Triplets

It was the film that teamed up Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as unlikely twin brothers, and now Twins looks set for a sequel, this time with the manic energy of Eddie Murphy added into the mix.

Murphy will presumably play a surprise sibling to the physically and intellectually perfect Julius (Schwarzenegger) and the rather less saintly and slightly more morally compromised Vincent (DeVito).

The three actors are all confirmed to appear, but as yet the film is still looking for a writer to put meat on the bones of this idea. Twins, which hit UK cinemas in 1989, was directed by Ivan Reitman, however it doesn’t look like he will be in charge for this second outing, which leaves the spot open for another comedy-loving, success-seeking director.

Twins was well-received when it first hit cinemas, and the humour throughout the film sat well with audiences of that time. However, will it work as well the second time around, especially with Murphy’s harshly criticised A Thousand Words  still fresh in people’s minds? In theory, Triplets has the potential to be a fun, feel-good comedy, but in practice, this could go one of two ways. The three acting giants will either gel really well together and come out with some great quotable lines, or everything could fall apart in a pile of cheesy comedy and over-acting. Whoever ends up writing the script would be wise to update it for the current audience, if they want to avoid people wishing it had been left well alone.

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