UK exclusive clip from Young Adult

Young Adult stars Charlize Theron as a fiction writer and Patrick Wilson as the old boyfriend whom she attempts to reconnect with after her divorce. Only two problems, her old boyfriend, Buddy, is married with a new baby and Theron’s character Mavis is described by one of his wife’s friends as having a personality like a “psychotic prom queen”.

Even though an old classmate of hers, played by Patton Oswalt tells her it’s a bad idea, Mavis still believes that her and Buddy are meant to be together. However, that could just be because she has just gotten divorced, was experiencing writers’ block just when her book series is about to be cancelled, and Buddy happened to choose that moment to send her an e-mail with a picture of his new baby. Is that really a “sign” that they should to be together?

Coming from the same writer/director team that produced Juno and Up In The Air (Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman), Young Adult is an American dark comedy that explores the character of someone who peaked in high school and is trying everything she can to regain the happiness that this brought her. It comes out in the UK on 3rd February, so there’s not long to wait. But if you simply have to see more, then you’re in luck as the Young Adult Facebook page now has a UK exclusive clip that you can see below:

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