UK première of Killers- Ashton Kutcher is a no show

Last night was the UK premiere of Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher’s latest film Killers.

However Heigl showed up for the premiere alone, as Kutcher who plays her on screen husband was unable to attend. Is this another case of a co- star not getting on with her?
She was left with no choice but  to walk the pink carpet, in a Victoria Beckham dress,  with director Robert Luketic.
In the film she plays blonde Jen Kornfeldt, a fun-loving computer technician, who falls for undercover government-hired super-assassin Spencer Aimes (Kutcher). They marry really quickly while abroad but surprise surprise when they return home things aren’t quite how they seem.
The film has been in the spotlight because Kutcher chose to broadcast the opening of the comedy to several fan sites before the US premiere.
He said: “The film’s good enough to sell itself.”
“I just wanted to show people that… I think if we show the first 13 minutes of the movie and if people like it they’ll go see it.”
But, the film has so far been slated and experts are saying he is not taking piracy seriously by doing this.
He responded to this by saying: “Everybody calls people airing stuff on the web piracy just because they’re not making money off of it yet. If they (executives) can figure out how to make money off of it, they won’t call it piracy anymore.”
It also has raised eyebrows because they decided to not to allow critics to see it before it’s cinematic release. Is that because they know how terrible it is?
The director said: “Ashton has multiples of millions of followers on Twitter and is an innovator in social media.
“It was decided in the marketing department that it would be an interesting experiment to screen it for the audience first.”
Killers is released in cinemas in the UK on June 16.

Below is a gallery from the pink carpet:
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