Next James Bond film possibly being released in November 2012

Lately, the James Bond franchise has run into a lot of problems, and not too long ago the latest film was presumed dead prior to arrival, or even production. But not for long, it seems.

MGM, the parent company taking care of Mr Bond and friends, went into a downward spiral of debt and disaster that one could only watch in horror, as its IP ownerships were stripped like meat from a carcass. It was as a part of this carnage that the twenty-third Bond film died out prior to production.

Some choice cuts were left, however, and Bond 23 was entered into MGM’s reorganisation deal as part of their attempt to manage the crippling debt that cost them the company’s continued existence in the black. Now, with Sam Mendes confirmed as a director, and Sam’s current King Lear lead actor Simon Russell Beale tipped to make an appearance, it seems we may see the British spy hit the big screen after all.

The main question on everybody’s lips (or TFR’s, at least) is whether or not it’s going to be any good. There have been rumours of Sean Connery talking about a role as a villain, and the fact that the film will be released on the 50th year of the franchise, and various opinions flying about that make us wonder whether or not people are excited to see Bond, or to see whether it’s better than the Bourne trilogy. Live and let… see?

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