Latest trailer for Taken 2 released

A few action-packed clips of the upcoming Taken 2 film have been flying around recently, and now a new teaser trailer has been released.

Liam Neeson will yet again be eliminating evil enemies in a frenzy of fighting in the much anticipated sequel to the 2008 adventure-thriller, Taken.

Taken 2 – directed by Olivier Megaton – has been penned by Luc Besson and and Robert Mark Kamen who together brought us Colombiana, Transporter 2 and the first Taken film.

The action-thriller is set for release this October and will feature a new clan of cunning villains who are even more dangerous and lethal than the last.

Neeson – known for his roles in Star Wars and Love Actually – will return as former CIA agent Bryan Mills who uses his swift skills and tactical mind to save the day.

We will also see Maggie Grace (Lost, The Fog) and Famke Janssen (X-Men , Golden Eye) reprise their characters from the first film. Grace will be playing Kim (Bryan’s teenage daughter) while Janssen is set to play his wife, Lenore.

This time around the action takes place in Istanbul where Bryan’s not so estranged wife and daughter pay him a surprise visit in an attempt to patch things up and enjoy a family holiday. But Bryan and his wife are taken hostage by revenge-fuelled Murad; the father of a kidnapper who Bryan killed while rescuing Kim in the first film. It looks like it’s up to Kim to repay her father by busting them out.

If you’re desperate for a sneak peak then check out the action-packed clip below.

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